Privacy Policy

- In our webpages we use technologies like cookies (very tiny files stored by your web browser) or unique identifiers of devices, to identify (always in an anonymous way) your computer or mobile device, so that we can provide you the best user experience on our website. Our systems record information like your web broswer, your Operating System, or your IP Address.

- Under no circumstances will we collect any information which can identify you. In other words, we will never store data like your name, postal address, phone number, or email address. We collect only anonymous notations (digits with no meaning) which differentiate one user from another one within third-party applications, like Facebook, but which nobody can link them with your identity. If you want to know more about the privacy policy of Facebook, please visit this link.

- Information about the privacy policy of the advertisements of Google: Some of the ads of this website can be served by Google. Google uses the DART cookie which allows them to serve advertisements to the users, based on the visit to our website and to other sites of the Internet. DART collects 'non-personal identification information' and it *never* collects personal data about you, like your name, email address, postal address, etc. You can opt for the use of the DART cookie through the ad by Google, and the contents of their privacy policy can be consulted at

- Under no circumstances will we use or collect your exact geographical location.

- The advertisement companies which show ads on our websites can use and connect anonymous data about your interests to customize the contents and show you again (here or on other webpages and applications) the advertisement which best fits your preferences. The collected data of interests and location can be linked to your computer or to your mobile devices, but never to your identity.

- If you want to contact us, please write a message to the email address of our website.

- This privacy policy was last updated on July 28, 2015. Our privacy policy can change over the time. In the case that the policy is changed, we will notify it properly on our websites and applications.